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Two classic sunglass styles that always go right

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It’s no secret at Urban Steven we love sunglasses. And why shouldn’t we? They can be classic Ray Bans or the stylish Oakleys. Sunglasses are a fashion statement and every men and women need at least a pair on their closet.

They’re the finishing touch of any outfit. Making a plain pair of jeans and t-shirt look like you’re worth a million bucks.What has made classic styles attractive to all generations is that they tend to flatter every face shape, plus they work with casual or posh outfits.

So whether you are sunbathing in Miami Beach or heading off on a business trip to New York, there are a two classic styles that will always make you look fabulous. 



 You really can’t go wrong with the  original Ray Ban Wayfear style.  There is a reason is on the top of our list, it goes with every face shape!                                                          

With a relaxed and effortlessly cool style, they’re ideal for a weekend getaway and outdoor music concerts.

You can go with the classic  Ray Ban choice of black or brown frames, or go with the Oakley style and add little excitement and mix it up with colorful frames.



The Aviator style was originally designed for US fighter pilots, so wearing them will automatically give you a tough, ready to conquer the world attitude, just like Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

Popular since the 1960’s, they’re a summer essential, a must-have choice for beach holidays and street festivals.

The classic Ray Ban gold frames add an air of sophistication. Pair them with a T-shirt and jeans for the perfect casual-chic weekend look.

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