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The Go Mask


Go protect yourself and others, always in style!

The Go Mask is your ultimate companion on safety and fashion. It is thoughtfully designed to protect you, while keeping up with your lifestyle. Ideal for outdoors, public transportation, workplaces and public spaces.

The Go Mask is a fashionable Face Mask, with 2 protective filters. They prevents air moisture from get in and out of your mask. The 3-layers shields your face, nose and mouth from external contaminated air droplets from coughs, sneezes and splatters. You can buy more replacement filters here.  (link a los filters)

Unisex, ergonomic design fits any face shape and nose comfortably. Trendy, lightweight and stretchable fabrics assure proper fit.  It is designed in the USA and manufactured in Brazil, with premium quality fabrics and top craftmanship. It is made of 100% cotton in the exterior, 100% polyester in the interior, and TNT polypropylene in the filters. These ultra-soft materials make breathing easy and ensure a soft touch feel on your face.  Durable, reusable and washable guarrantee your best value.

Go anywhere safe and in fashion!



Crafted for safety and fashion

Urban Steven is a lifestyle and personal care company, located in Hollywood, Florida. We created The Go Mask Collection because we couldn’t find any face mask in the market to meet our high expectations on protection, comfort and fashion. Why should one choose between style and function? The Go Mask gives you both: stylist high-quality fabrics with proven filter technology. It is made for those who GO forward and lead the way.

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